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Signs You Need A Birth Injury Attorney Following Your Child's Birth

Every pregnancy comes with some risk to the unborn child, and unfortunately, some babies are born with injuries or defects that occur due to the way they were delivered. Babies born with birth injuries often have large bodies or heads or suffered from some type of difficulty while they were being born. Mothers who have smaller birth canals or who give birth prematurely may be more likely to have struggles with birthing children, and this can lead to a birth injury.

Common injuries in childbirth include the breaking of a baby's collarbone, blood vessels burst in the eyes, swollen body parts due to trauma or force, and other injuries. If your baby was injured when they were born, you might want to seek the legal support and counsel of a birth injury attorney. While some birth injuries are unavoidable and carry no fault of anyone, others may be caused by negligence or poor actions of the doctor or medical team involved in the birth. Here are signs you need a birth injury attorney following your child's birth.

Your baby's doctor is not speaking about the injury

Are you wanting answers as to why your baby was born with an injury, especially when the injury seems strange or very unexpected, and the doctor is staying mum? You should be especially aware if your doctor suddenly wants you to fill out a lot of paperwork or speak to a hospital representative following your baby's birth and is vague about answering your questions. Hire a birth injury attorney right away if you have any suspicions about your baby's birth and the way the hospital is treating the situation. The sooner you get legal representation, the better.

Your baby's doctor or hospital is not taking any responsibility

Financially, your baby's injury at birth is going to cost a lot of money if there is no malpractice to be found. If the doctor or any hospital staff member has admitted any fault with your baby's birth injury and the hospital is still billing you for the delivery and care of your child, then you need to speak to a birth injury lawyer right away. This type of lawyer will work with the court system to create a case on you and your baby's behalf and will work hard to settle the case out of court, to get the funds you need for your baby's medical bills. Once you have hired a birth injury attorney, allow them to represent you at all times in speaking with the hospital and any of the staff members.