How A Family Law Attorney Can Help

How A Criminal Defense Attorney Can Help Protect Your Rights

If you've been accused of committing a crime, hiring a criminal defense attorney will be your smartest decision. This attorney can offer you legal advice and will take the other necessary measures to keep your legal rights from becoming compromised throughout each phase of the legal process. Here are some of the key ways that a criminal defense attorney can help protect your rights.

Review the Evidence

The attorney who you hire from a criminal defense law firm can review the evidence that pertains to your case to make sure that all the important pieces of information will be admissible in court. If any evidence was tampered with or is being left out of your court proceedings for unfair reasons, your attorney will advocate on your behalf to make sure that all the evidence that will ensure a fair trial will be presented to the judge and jury.

Review Your Arrest Details

Your rights may have been violated by the police at the time of your arrest, and your attorney will look to see if there was any fault on the part of the authorities. You may have not even realized that your rights were violated when you were arrested, and the legal representative who you hire will review the details to identify any misconduct by the authorities. Some examples of police misconduct include:

  • Racial profiling
  • Excessive physical force
  • Obtaining a false confession
  • Failing to present a warrant when lawfully required to do so
  • Conducting a "stop and frisk" without reasonable suspicion

Prevent Self-Incrimination

Whether you're guilty of the crime or not, you might accidentally incriminate yourself before you've received a fair trial, and this can result in a harsher jail sentence and higher fines. According to Cornell Law School's Legal Information Institute, the Fifth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that no person shall be compelled to incriminate oneself, but some less-scrupulous police officers or attorneys may try to coerce you to declare your guilt unlawfully. Your criminal defense attorney will work to prevent you from saying or doing anything else that could accidentally incriminate yourself and will bring any violations that were committed by the prosecution or police to the attention of the court.

Argue Your Defense in Court

When all the evidence and other important details have been compiled for your case, your criminal defense attorney will be ready to argue your defense in court. During your trial, your attorney can advise you on what to say and what not to say if a prosecuting attorney or judge calls you to the stand for questioning so that your legal rights will stay protected. A compelling argument will also be made before the members of the jury to try to convince them to rule in your favor. Every effort will be made by your attorney to ensure that your trial goes smoothly and is handled justly.

You can make the process of handling your legal matters easier on yourself by hiring a criminal defense attorney who is willing to represent you. A criminal defense law firm can match you with one of these legal representatives to assist you through the final ruling.

If you have more questions, reach out to a criminal defense law firm near you to learn more.