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Three Examples Of Intentional Tort Assault That Can Result From Pointing A Firearm

There are many different actions that can lead to criminal and civil consequences for the perpetrator, which can leave you with some important decisions to make if you're a victim. While you may wish to call the police to report an action against you, you may also want to hire a personal injury attorney if the act against you falls under the intentional tort of assault. Pointing a weapon is a prime example of something that can have both criminal and civil law consequences. Pointing a gun meets the legal definition of assault, even if the perpetrator didn't shoot at you. As such, you may want to file a personal injury suit against the aggressor with the help of a legal professional. Here are some scenarios in which someone may point a gun at you.

Neighbor Dispute

It's possible that you might be engaged in some sort of dispute with your neighbor that escalates to the point at which he or she points a gun at you. Regardless of the nature of your relationship with the neighbor prior to this incident, this is a serious situation that can leave you with concerning consequences. Whether the neighbor was mad about you playing loud music, or your dog was barking and woke the neighbor's child, his or her decision to respond to the situation in this aggressive manner constitutes the intentional tort of assault by gun pointing under personal injury law.

Gun Range Incident

Those who shoot firearms at gun ranges are often careful to follow the rules associated with this activity, but this doesn't mean that you might sometimes encounter someone who behaves inappropriately. Pointing a firearm at a gun range is a strict no-no, and regardless of whether you want to get the police involved after such an incident, you may think about pursuing an intentional tort assault case. If someone were to point a firearm at you in a threatening manner, regardless of his or her reason for doing so, this can be grounds to take legal action.

A Friend Showing You A Gun

If you have friends who are firearm owners, you may occasionally encounter one of them wanting to show you his or her new weapon. This is innocuous, but only if the friend behaves responsibly with the gun. However, if the gun owner aims the weapon at you, perhaps in a semi-joking manner, it can quickly make you feel uncomfortable. You'd likely ask him or her not to point the weapon at you again, but the gun owner may continue to do so. The threatening nature of the situation can lead to a personal injury intentional tort assault case.

If you're looking for help to discuss a case in which someone has threatened you with a gun, call your local personal injury attorney today.