How A Family Law Attorney Can Help

Be Smart And Think Twice Before Acting During Divorce

It's very easy to get so wrapped up in the emotional side of the divorce experience that you make some errors in judgment. Some of those errors could end up causing you even more stress than you are already having to deal with, so read on and find out how to avoid the following bad moves during divorce.

You want the family home and little else

The issue of marital property is a lot more complicated than some might think, and this is one time when some thoughtful math might be in order. When you consider what you want to walk away from divorce with, you should take a look at more than just the face value of a particular item. For example, the family home will end up costing you more than just the mortgage, so do the math before you ask for it. On the other hand, that rental home that's bringing in income could turn out to be a valuable asset and a dependable income source for the future.

You take your case to social media

There are very few people that don't use and enjoy sites like Facebook, Instagram and others, but when something as personal as divorce is discussed, it can get ugly. Not only should you keep yourself from commenting about your upcoming divorce, you should carefully consider nearly everything else you post there. You must realize that everything you say on social media, no matter how private you intend it to be, can be subpoenaed by your spouse's legal team and used against you.

You cheer yourself up by splurging on a few things

If you are the type that goes shopping when the going gets tough, you might want to hide your credit cards for a while. Divorce is stressful, and stress can lead to bad feelings. Make sure you seek professional help and learn how to channel those negative feelings in another direction, like physical activity and spending more time with friends and loved ones. Here are just a few reasons why you need to keep a tight lid on spending during divorce:

  • If you are seeking support (spousal support or child support) your spending habits could very well become a divorce issue. You cannot expect to get the help you need if you are portrayed as being unable to handle your finances.
  • Until your divorce is final, your spending could affect the debt and property situation. You may think you need that new couch, but you may just be adding more debt and property to an already contentious issue.

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