How A Family Law Attorney Can Help

Facing Criminal Charges For A DUI Offense

Drinking alcohol and driving afterward is one of the biggest mistakes that you can make, especially after consuming a large amount of it. However, sometimes mistakes happen that lead to making bad decisions and having to face the consequences. If a bad decision caused you to injure another person after getting into an accident due to driving drunk, it is likely that you are facing a substantial amount of legal trouble. The only thing that you can do if you are guilty is to attempt getting the most minimal sentence for the crime that was committed. Browse through the information below to learn what a DUI lawyer can do to help your situation. 

Learn About Your History With Alcohol

After contacting an attorney about the crime that you committed, he or she will want to know about your history with consuming alcohol. For instance, do you consider yourself to be an alcoholic? Did you only consume a few drinks and ended up more intoxicated than planned? Do you think someone possibly put something in your drink that caused you to hallucinate? You should plan to answer several questions, as the attorney will use your answers for coming up with a defense for your actions.

Investigate the Other Party's Injuries

An important part of your case will involve the extent of injuries that you caused to the other party from driving while intoxicated. The attorney will do some investigating to find out about the type of injuries that the other party has to deal with, as well as how they will affect his or her life. Keep in mind that other than the offense of driving under the influence of alcohol, you might also get sued for medical expenses. Depending on the attorney that is hired, he or she might be able to assist with all aspects of the case. He or she will ensure that you are not treated unfairly simply because you are guilty of committing a crime.

Present a Fair Plea Deal to the Judge

In an effort to keep your sentence at the most minimal punishment possible, the attorney will put together a plea deal on your behalf. A plea deal can keep you out of jail, or get you less time in there if you don't have a large criminal history. The amount of DUI's that you have committed in the past will also play a role in the plea deal. Probation and community service are some of the things that are commonly included in plea deals.