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How An Injured Worker Can Qualify For Workers Compensation Benefits

Paying for treating a job injury is usually the responsibility of an employer if the worker is not at fault due to negligent operation of equipment.  A lawyer can help you find out if you can get workers compensation benefits to help you maintain your living expenses as you recover from the injury. In this article, you will find out how qualifying for workers compensation is determined and how much the services of a lawyer will cost.

How Can an Injured Worker Qualify for Workers Compensation Benefits?

Each state has their own laws regarding injured workers and qualifying for workers compensation benefits. A lawyer can help you determine if you may have any fault in the injury that happened on the job. Workers compensation benefits can be forfeited by your employer if there is proof that you did not follow the rules when operating the equipment that caused the injury.

Even if it is determined that you were not at fault for the injury, your employer does not have to pay you an equal amount of money to what you are normally paid. Two-thirds of your normal paycheck is what you can expect to receive for workers compensation benefits. If you are unhappy because you think the amount you are offered is unfair, a personal injury lawyer can assist you with resolving the case.

A lawyer can contact your employer in an attempt to get the amount of your benefits raised. The matter will likely be discussed in a mediation session. If your employer does not agree to mediation, the case can be heard in court by filing a lawsuit.

How Much Does the Services of a Personal Injury Lawyer Cost?

The cost of hiring a lawyer for your workers compensation case will depend on how it is settled and who is hired for the job. The services of a reputable lawyer will cost more money than one that is new to practicing in the field of law. If the case ends up in a lawsuit, the lawyer may take your case based on a contingent fee. Basically, you will only pay if the lawsuit is in your favor when a contingent fee is paid.

With the right evidence that a job injury was not your fault, you can get paid via workers compensation benefits so you can take time off and heal. Hire a personal injury lawyer like one from Arrington Schelin & Munsey PC to assist you with the process so you can begin receiving money for your living expenses and medical treatment!