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How To Keep Spam Calls From Ruining Your Day

During your hectic life, the last thing you probably want to do is to accept a call from a spammer. Not only is this a waste of time but your call might be coming from an individual who simply wants to rip you off. There are fortunately several ways you can stop spam callers with the help of a lawyer.

The First Steps to Take

One of the first steps to take when trying to stop spam calls is to register for the Do Not Call registry. Once you have done this, you'll be able to stop some legal callers who abide by the Do Not Call registry. If there are any calls afterward, you can notify them that you do not want to be called. However, some spam calls will continue even if you ask them to stop.

The Role of the FCC

The FCC is the agency that is responsible for making sure that spam callers abide by the Do Not Call registry. You have the option of filing a complaint. However, if the calls do not stop after you file a complaint, you will need to speak with a TCPA lawyer. You might be entitled to compensation for each spam call that is unsolicited as long as it is in violation of US law.

How a TCPA Lawyer Can Help

Make sure to record the calls you receive and make it clear to the caller that you do not want to receive the spam call. Contact your TCPA lawyer and they will explain your legal option to you and how much each spam call is worth. In addition to stopping spam calls, you may be able to earn money on the side.

Why Some Spammers Don't Stop

Many scammers operate from all around the world and will use VoIP to spoof phone numbers to make it look like their calls are coming from within the United States. They do not care about the Do Not Call registry or the law in general because their goal is to scam you.

When you are not able to stop spam calls, you will be able to use special apps on your phone to stop spammers from calling your phone. This is especially easy on a mobile device. Regardless of the approach you take, you will not have to suffer from endless spam calls and there is always something you can do about it. 

For more information about how to stop spam calls, contact a local professional.