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Why Workers Compensation Claims Take So Long and How a Workers' Compensation Attorney Can Help

Filing for compensation can look like a never-ending loop of paperwork filing, medical examinations, investigations, and hearings. It is common for injured workers to become frustrated with the long wait and give up before they receive their benefits.

However, this doesn't have to be the case for you. By hiring a workers' compensation lawyer, you can enjoy an expedited process and not have to deal with the bureaucracy of the process. Read along to learn why workers' compensation claims take so long and how a workers' compensation attorney can speed up the process.

Lengthy Investigations

Investigating a claim can be lengthy and complex since employers must gather all pertinent information about the incident in question. This process can easily take months or even years to complete if you don't hire an attorney to intervene. Your experienced workers' compensation attorney would speed up the process by working closely with the employer to ensure they know you're taking the compensation claim seriously.

Waiting for Medical Assessment Results

After a claim is filed, medical assessments are completed to determine the severity of the injuries. While this appears to be a straightforward procedure, the physicians assigned to your case will likely drag the process if you don't involve an attorney.

You're better off handing over your case to an attorney who will help you find a reliable doctor willing to cooperate. As such, you won't have to deal with the long wait you would have otherwise been subjected to.

The Appeals Process

A worker may be denied benefits due to a lack of information or an incorrect ruling. To overturn this decision, the worker must file an appeal and request a hearing with their employer or insurance company. This process can take a long period to complete.

However, if you hire a lawyer to handle the case, you might not even need to file for an appeal. This is because the lawyer will work tirelessly to ensure your claim gets approved for compensation on the first application.

Lengthy Negotiations

More often than not, employers contest workers' compensation claims in an attempt to save money or preserve their reputation. And if you don't want to take the case to court, the only way to get to a middle ground is to open negotiations with the company. This process can take a long time if you decide to represent yourself because you'll be up against seasoned business lawyers who have mastered delay tactics. To increase your odds of winning, you should allow a seasoned attorney to negotiate on your behalf. Your legal representative will be straightforward and use facts to get the company to agree to a fair settlement.

While the process for filing workers' compensation claims can be long and complex, you can speed it up if you hire an experienced workers' compensation attorney.