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What Should You Do If A Motorist Doesn't Stop After Hitting You?

Everyone expects that when a motorist causes an accident, they will stop and wait for the police. Additionally, the motorist should offer their details and get you the emergency help you need. More importantly, it is illegal for someone to cause an accident and flee from the scene. 

That said, this is a common occurrence because people panic when they hit someone. In other cases, some disregard the law and flee the scene knowing the consequences of their actions. Ultimately, no one wants to deal with a case of the driver running after hitting them. So, the steps below might help you get the legal recourse you need if you are facing this messy situation. 

Getting the First Contact

You should know that it is in your best interest to gather as much data as possible about the driver before they take off. Chances are, most people will slow down long enough to see how much damage they cause. It is after they realize that they might have inflicted serious injuries or killed someone that they panic and flee. So, you can get their license plate and try to check it in the system. 

More importantly, through your vehicle accident lawyer, you want to pass this information on to police and other competent investigators. This is because they know the best way to reverse-check and get the owner of a vehicle from the registration number. You can also talk to the witnesses in case someone filmed the incident. This way, you'll have a clear recording of the driver's face or other crucial details that can help identify the culprit. 

What Your Insurance Provider Covers

The second part of the process is dealing with the insurance company. Hence, you should contact your insurer when you have been in a hit-and-run. This is because chances are you cannot access the other party and their insurer. Also, your insurance carrier may have special provisions for a hit-and-run and might offer you coverage. Even better, getting initial help with the bills will give you time to gather evidence and start the case. A lawyer will come in handy in gathering the evidence and pushing the culprit's insurer through a legal process to compensate you. 

Mistakes that You Can Avoid

When someone harms you, your first instinct may be to seek revenge. That said, you should avoid such a mistake if you want an easy time with your settlement. More so, it is not wise to go looking for the hit-and-run driver or confront them even when the investigation helps you locate them. Instead, hire a lawyer and formally serve them so you can safely recover the compensation you deserve.

These simple steps can help you get a better outcome from a hit-and-run accident claim. Speak to a vehicle accident lawyer and get the help you need to handle a hit-and-run claim.