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How To Find A Divorce Mediator

Getting a divorce is a tough process. It can take time, money, frustration, and often heartache. To help ease the process of divorce, you and your spouse may want to opt for divorce mediation. Mediation is an option other than divorce litigation that many couples choose when they are able to work out the details of their divorce settlement. If you are interested in mediation, your next step is to find a mediator. Here are some things you need to know about choosing your mediator:

How Do You Find Mediators?

To begin the search, you need to make a list of possible mediators. You need to find a mediator who practices in the state you live in. One way to find mediators in your area is to do an online search. You should be able to see reviews and comments from others who have used their services. You also can ask people you know who have used mediation in their divorce.

What Do You Ask Potential Mediators?

When you begin the search process for a mediator, you need to have a list of questions to ask them. You first need to learn about their training. Mediators are typically attorneys who have gone through specialized mediation training. Great mediators have good people skills and are able to approach a conflict a couple has and help them work it out between them. This leads to a positive outcome in most cases. A great mediator also has some level of financial expertise, as finances are a significant part of the divorce settlement process.

Another question to ask potential mediators is how long they have been acting as a mediator in divorce cases. It is preferable to work with a mediator who has done work specifically in divorce. You should also inquire about a mediator's case resolution rate and about how many cases they take on each year.

How Many Mediators Should You Meet?

Once you have a list of mediators and questions to ask, you need to meet with several mediators before you make a final decision. There is no right number when it comes to how many you should see. You need to meet each person individually to see if they would be a good fit as your mediator. Pay attention to how they speak and take notes of their personality to see if you all will be able to work together. You never want to work with a mediator you feel uncomfortable with or one you do not think will do the best job for the two of you.

For more information on divorce mediation, contact a professional near you.