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Three Times When You Need To Consult With A Car Accident Attorney

You may have seen commercials for car accident attorneys on television and likely seen ads on billboards and on the internet. You may even know friends or relatives that have hired one before. But if you get into a car accident, you will inevitably ask yourself if you need a lawyer. The following are a few situations when you should contact a traffic accident attorney.

You are being told the accident was your fault

If you believe the accident was the other driver's fault, naturally, you will be filing a claim with the other driver's insurance company. But if that insurance company thinks the accident was your fault, you will not be receiving any compensation. There is no reason to attempt persuasion. At best, you will end up with a compromise, and this means a part of the accident was your fault, so you end up with less compensation. In other words, the insurance company just won. Don't go down this road. Consult with a car accident attorney.

You are not being offered the money you need for car repairs

If you haven't been injured but your car has sustained extreme damage, it may take a lot of money to restore it. It may be that your car is beyond repair, at least from a cost point of view. It may be cheaper to simply replace the car. But the bill to replace a car or fix a car in a major accident can get quite high, and this is when an insurance company will offer less than you expected. You can negotiate with the insurance company, but they have the advantage because they negotiate for a living.

You have been injured in the accident

It's one thing to have your car damaged in an accident, but if you have been hurt, you should always consult with an attorney. It is common for an insurance company to make an offer before you have had a chance to think about a figure that is fair. But their offer, although it may seem fair, will always be below the amount you are entitled to. Insurance companies are motivated to settle for a little as possible to increase their profits, like any other business. The entire process of getting compensation takes on greater significance if you were a passenger. This is because it may not be clear which insurance company you should file a claim with.

Any time you are injured in a car accident, you should always consult with an attorney. In addition, if you are not getting the amount you need to fix your car in a non-injury accident, an attorney can help. And if an insurance company claims that an accident was your fault, do not argue with them. The moment you do, you are on a path to a bad settlement. A car accident lawyer should always be the one negotiating on your behalf.