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Three Things You Don't Want To Do If You've Been In A Truck Accident

Even though there are 6 million car accidents in the United States every year, vehicle collisions are new territory for most people. It's a confusing, scary, and often physically painful time. It's something most people simply don't deal with that often. And if you're not on guard, it can be easy to make decisions that have long-term implications on how you receive recompense for your accident.

If you've been involved in a truck accident, you're almost always better off hiring the services of an attorney to help you navigate these waters. Here's a look at three of the most common mistakes people make after they've been in a truck accident.

You don't want to apologize or take fault

Apologizing is a natural reaction to an accident, even if it wasn't your fault. After all, most people naturally want to show sympathy. But even something as small as saying. "I'm so sorry!" as you exit your vehicle could prevent you from recovering compensation. If there's an accident scene where it's not clear who was at fault, the person who apologized could end up getting blamed. Aside from calling the police, say as little as possible.

You don't want to accept the first settlement offer from the insurance company

While there's no standard formula for determining how much compensation the victim of a truck accident may receive, there are several factors that determine that amount. And if you just take the first thing the insurance company offers you, you almost certainly aren't getting as much as you could. When it comes to money, insurance companies are trying to get things wrapped up as quickly and as cheaply as possible. But if you let a truck accident lawyer handle things on your behalf, the outcome could be a lot better.

You don't want to give a recorded statement of what happened to your insurance

Right after an accident, your insurance company may want you to go on record giving your side of the events. But even small statements like, "I'm not sure how fast I was going," could be used against you. You do not have to go on record with your version to settle your claim, and remember that insurance companies are out to settle for as little as possible. Let an attorney handle these communications for you.

In short, the moment and days after an accident are crucial for your case with the insurance company, and there's a great chance you're not thinking clearly. Let a professional truck accident attorney handle things for you, and you'll not only have the burden removed, but you'll receive fair justice.