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3 Vital Witnesses in a Personal Injury Suit Against a Stairlift Company

If you've been hurt because of a faulty stairlift in your home and have decided to take legal action against the stairlift manufacturer, you'll want to assemble several witnesses who will help your case. Witnesses are ideal in any personal injury case, and your attorney will often provide you with some suggestions about who would be an effective witness in your situation. While the people you choose will depend on the exact nature of your situation, the following types of individuals may be useful for strengthening your case.

Home Support Worker

A home support worker can be valuable as a witness in your stairlift injury case, especially if they were in your home at the time of the accident. The support worker will be able to provide a statement detailing what they saw. For example, they could note that you were riding on the stairlift as per normal when the seat suddenly buckled and caused you to topple down the stairs and sustain a serious injury. Even if the support worker wasn't in your home when the accident happened, they could have arrived shortly thereafter and perhaps found you injured at the base of the stairs.


If you were able to reach your phone after your stairlift injury — perhaps because your cellphone was in your pocket — you may have needed to call 911 for emergency help. If so, the paramedics who arrived at your home soon after your call may be able to serve as witnesses. They can attest to your position upon their arrival, as well as the state of your injuries. Paramedics are trained to take in small details from accident scenes, so one or more of the paramedics may also be able to talk about issues with the stairlift — for example, if it showed obvious signs of failing.


You may have summoned help from a neighbor in the wake of your stairlift injury. Perhaps your window was open and you were able to call a neighbor who was in their garden or driveway. This neighbor can be a worthwhile witness, too, because they can further reinforce the details of your accident. Even though they wouldn't have seen the accident take place, the neighbor's testimony about the scene can be valuable. 

Together, these witnesses can help your personal injury lawyer ​to build a stronger case against the stairlift company. Contact a local law firm to learn more.