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3 Examples of Situations When You Should Contact a Construction Lawyer

Construction lawyers are professional individuals who are highly knowledgeable of the legal issues that a construction company or construction contractor can face. If you are in the construction business, having a good attorney like this on your side can be a huge thing. These lawyers can help you with a full list of issues that can come up in your business and help you also avoid potential legal problems as well. Check out just a few of the examples of situations when you should contact a construction lawyer for help. 

A work contract is wrongly terminated. 

When two parties enter into a contract, the terms of that contract must legally be carried out. Therefore, if you have been told to stop working on a work project even though you are under contract to complete and get paid for the job, this could be something that a construction lawyer can help you out with. It is not uncommon for some construction clients to try to improperly terminate the contract by preventing you from continuing to work on the project, but this is not something that should be overlooked. 

You suspect you will be sued for something by a client. 

Construction contractors and companies are sued on a regular basis. If a client is unhappy with your work or feels you have wronged them in some way, they may file a lawsuit against you and your company. If you suspect this is going to happen, it is best to go ahead and seek legal counsel from the beginning. The construction lawyer can begin collecting evidence to protect you or may even be able to act as a mediator to solve the problem before a lawsuit is ever actually filed. 

You have accidentally broken government regulations. 

Even though government regulations are a serious thing, some of them are also easily broken, especially in the construction business. For instance, if you do something that is against the guidelines set forth by the Department of Labor, you are at risk of facing huge fines and stiff penalties that could affect the health of your business. If you suspect that you have accidentally violated some type of government regulation, you are going to need an attorney on your side who can act as an advocate in your case. Having an attorney will help you take the proper steps to rectify the situation and avoid harsher penalties.