How A Family Law Attorney Can Help

Tips For Successfully Divorcing A Controlling Or Narcissistic Spouse

If you married Prince Charming and have since discovered he is very narcissistic and controlling, then filing for divorce will pose many challenges other divorcing people don't face. When you leave someone who wants to control everything about you and make the world think they are the greatest human ever and then serve them with divorce papers, things can get really ugly very quickly. However, by simply understanding some of the actions they may try to take against you, you can successfully navigate this situation.

If you fear an upcoming battle when trying to divorce your controlling or narcissistic spouse, these tips will help:

Tip: Expect Your Ex-Spouse to Return to Their Prince Charming Persona in Court

Since your ex-spouse used excessive charm to reel you in, you should expect them to do the same to the judge in your court proceedings. They will always fight nasty outside of the courtroom, but when they get into court you can bet they will be dressed impeccably, remember how to speak with respect, obey all the rules of the court, and do everything they can to show the judge they are wonderful and you are a miserable human being. 

The best way to combat this is to completely ignore it and discredit their claims with cold hard facts in the form of written documentation.

For example, if they try to come off as having had a string of amazing jobs, then show with tax filings how they couldn't hold one job and were forced to keep job-hopping out of desperation. There is no need to stoop down to their level, simply let the documentation speak for itself. 

Tip: Work with an Aggressive Family Law Attorney Skilled at Battling Controlling Behavior

In conclusion, it is important to note that you need to retain a family law attorney who is skilled at battling controlling behavior and constant delays in the court proceedings. Since it is a foregone conclusion that your spouse will delay things, lie to the court, and play other games of control, you need a lawyer who knows how to fight these things and come out on top each and every time.

A divorce situation that involves a narcissistic or controlling spouse is not the time you want a nice and friendly attorney. You need the exact opposite to help shut down the battles and get you successfully to the other side of this process. Reach out to a family law attorney for more help.