How A Family Law Attorney Can Help

FAQs About Adoption Scams

An adoption is a wonderful way to place children with families who will love them. Unfortunately, some people attempt to take advantage of prospective families and use them to obtain gifts and money. If you are considering adoption, here is what you need to know to avoid being scammed.

What Is an Adoption Scam?

An adoption scam occurs when an individual places a child for adoption and uses the process to garner gifts and money from the prospective parents. At some point in the process, the individual will terminate the adoption and keep the child. In some instances, the individual might not even be pregnant.

In addition to losing money, the prospective parents can suffer emotionally. It is impossible to 100 percent guarantee that you will not be a victim to a scam, but there are ways that you can significantly reduce the chances it will happen to you.

How Can You Avoid an Adoption Scam?

One of the best ways to avoid an adoption scam is to work with a family attorney who is experienced in adoptions. He or she can handle any requests for assistance from the birth parents to ensure they are legitimate and necessary.

The attorney can also handle the legal paperwork that will be used to protect you financially from a scam. Your paperwork can even include language that requires the birth parents to return certain funds in the event that the adoption is not completed.

As an added precaution, you need to also know the signs of an adoption scam. For instance, if the birth mother has previously placed a child for adoption and canceled it, this could be a sign. Other signs include:

  • A rushed process. Ideally, the birth parents should want to take time to ensure that the adoptive family is a good match. If the birth parents seem disinterested, there is a chance they have no intention of allowing the adoption to complete.
  • A refusal to work with an attorney. If the birth parents do not want to engage with the attorney for the adoption, consider selecting another child.
  • Constant requests for funds. Outside of medical support and necessary funds to ensure the welfare of the child, the birth parents should not receive other funds. If they constantly request them though, be wary.

Your attorney can help you pinpoint other signs that the adoption might not be legitimate.

Most adoptions go through without problems. However, it is important that you take time to protect yourself financially and emotionally.

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