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Stop! 3 Things You Could Face If You Didn't Stop For The Car Accident You Were Involved In

When it comes to car accidents, what you don't know can hurt you. This is particularly important if you're not sure what to do immediately after an accident. The most important thing you should remember is that you must always stop when you've been involved in a car accident. In fact, it's a crime to leave the scene of an accident, even if it's just a fender-bender. Here are three legal consequences you could face if you are caught leaving the scene of a car accident.

Arrest Warrant

If you have been involved in an accident, and you've left the scene before a report could be taken, you could be facing arrest. Once law enforcement conducts their investigation – and they've determined that you were involved – a warrant may be issued for your arrest.

You may be wondering how they would find out it was you if you've left the scene. Law enforcement will use witness statements, available video surveillance cameras, or other information to positively identify you. If you think a warrant may be issued for your arrest, contact an attorney, such as Monohan & Blankenship. They can help you through the process.


If you hit another car, and left the scene, you could be facing a misdemeanor hit-and-run charge. The misdemeanor charge will apply if the accident caused only property damage – meaning no one was injured in the accident. However, if someone was injured, you're looking at harsher consequences.


If you left the scene of an accident in which someone was injured, you may be facing felony hit-and-run charges. Whether the person suffering injuries was a passenger in your car, another car, or a pedestrian on the road, if you leave the scene of the accident – and you were at fault for the accident – you may be looking at felony charges. Depending on the state, you could be looking at a monetary fine, imprisonment, or both. If you've left the scene of an accident, you should contact an attorney as soon as possible.

Being involved in an accident can be frightening, especially if you're responsible for the accident. If you've been involved in an accident, the first thing you need to do is pull over and stop. This is particularly important if you are at-fault for the accident. The information provided above will help you understand the consequences you could face if you choose to leave the scene of an accident.