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How To Write An Auto Accident Demand Letter That Gets Results

A car accident causes pain and suffering no matter how minor the injury. Even minor injuries can cost you of dollars and missed time from work. A car insurance provider will commonly refuse to pay. In this case, you have to write a demand letter. If the responsible driver's insurance refuses to pay, you will have to send a demand letter

Gather Information and Documents

To get better results, include all the details possible. Collect medical bills and records from your doctor. Also include any bills from other service providers including helicopter transport, ambulances, and physical therapy. For minor injuries, wait until you finish treatment before requesting medical records. Be prepared to pay a small fee for copies of the records. Get a letter from your employer if you had to miss work. This letter will validate the days you missed.

Write the Letter

The top part of your letter should be business style. Write your name, the other driver's name, date of the accident, and claim number in the upper left corner. There are several points you need to emphasize in your letter. One thing you need to stress is liability and details of the accident.

Give a detailed description of the accident, when it happened, how it happened, and why you think the other driver was at fault. Write down every expense you incurred since the accident. Include medical bills, lost income, vehicle repair estimates, medicine, rehabilitation, towing expenses, vehicle rental expenses, and cost of ambulance rides. Attach necessary receipts and documents to validate your claim. In addition to listing expenses, explain the injury and how it has impacted your life.

Attach photos of the accident and witness statements if possible. In the last paragraph, make your demand. Ask for an amount that exceeds the value of the claim. Demanding a higher amount allows room for negotiations. Set a deadline in which you expect to hear back from them. 

Wait for an Offer

Usually, the first offer you get will be low. Do not take the first offer. Review what the provider is offering and the value of the claim. Avoid asking for an unreasonable amount just because the provider could pay it. While it is fine to ask for a higher amount, it should be reasonable.

When you are injured in a vehicle accident, you deserve fair compensation. Be firm and polite with insurance adjusters. Though you can negotiate claims yourself, it helps to have a personal injury attorney (such as those found through by your side to get a fair settlement.