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How To Avoid Or Deal With A Work Related Back Injury

Whether it's lifting a heavy box of printer paper to load the copy machine or lifting a large box of merchandise in a warehouse, heavy lifting is a task that finds its way into most jobs. Due to this, back related injuries from heavy lifting are a common occurrence. Learning how to lift properly can help you avoid an injury to your back.

Proper Technique

The foundation of heavy lifting involves having a wide stance. Before lifting any load, it's important that you keep your feet at least shoulder-width apart. Having a wide base ensures you have sufficient support. It's also important that you always lift with your back in a straight position.

Having poor posture when lifting places more strain on your back, increasing the risk of injury. Make certain that your back is straight and squat down, bending your knees. To lift the load, from this position you should slowly straighten your knees and hips, keeping your back straight the entire time—your legs, not your back, are doing the heavy lifting.

Potential Injuries

Common injuries that come from using an incorrect lifting technique include back strain or sprains. A back strain is an injury to the tendon or muscle, and sprains involve injury to the ligaments in your back. Each of these injuries cause their fair share of pain and discomfort.

Depending on the level of pain, working and performing every day tasks, such as walking, can become difficult. Additionally, these injuries can also cause you to have muscle spasms and cramping. Prolonged rest is often the only treatment method available, causing you to miss time from work and valuable income.

What To Do If You've Been Injured

If you have sustained an injury from heavy lifting on the job, you may have a valid claim for workers compensation. Even if you work in a position that involves lifting, it is still the responsibility of your employer to ensure you are able to perform your duties safely and according to the terms of your role.

For example, if your job description limits the maximum weight that you would be required to lift to 50 pounds, if you are repeatedly asked to lift loads in excess of 50 pounds, your employer is in violation. If you sustain a back related injury as a result, an attorney can help. Make certain that you get medical treatment first, seek the assistance of an attorney such as at Law Offices Jonathen Teperson, and notify your employer.

When it comes to back injuries from heavy lifting, prevention is key. Make certain that you are exercising proper technique to ensure you avoid an injury.