How A Family Law Attorney Can Help

3 Ways To End Your Marriage

Deciding on the least stressful way to divorce can be difficult. Each marital situation is different, and the state of the relationship as the marriage is ending will determine the divorce that is necessary. Scheduling an appointment with your attorney can help you choose the right type of divorce. Knowing the legal ways to do this beforehand can prepare you when faced with this difficult situation.

Uncontested Divorce

When both of the spouses want to divorce, the simplest way to do so is with an uncontested divorce. This will allow the involved spouses to determine how the property is divided and attend to other financial matters without the assistance of the court.

Being able to complete important decisions between the spouses will reduce the need for a divorce attorney and can lead to fewer legal fees in the process.

Contested Divorce

If one of the spouses wants a divorce and the other one doesn't, this will require a contested divorce to be filed. This is a complex method of divorcing, but it is necessary when the spouses aren't in agreement about the marriage ending.

The contested divorce will require a great deal of the court's time to determine how the property is divided, who gets custody of children (if these are involved), and other types of decisions relating to the marriage.

The average cost of a contested divorce is $15,000-$30,000 in the United States.

Summary Divorce

If you have been married for a relatively short period, you may qualify for a summary divorce. There are a number of requirements for this divorce type, and these are listed below:

1. You must be married for five years or less.

2. There shouldn't be any children involved.

3. You must not own a home together that requires mortgage payments to be made.

4. The amount of personal property that is jointly owned shouldn't exceed $35,000.

5.  Neither of the spouses should want to receive spousal support.

Be sure to consult with your attorney to fully understand if you meet all of the necessary requirements to end the marriage by way of a summary divorce.

Finally, choosing the fastest and less stressful way to divorce is important to your mental health. By retaining the services of a family law attorney, you can get the necessary information to make a difficult time more manageable to handle and be able to get on with your life alone.