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About Hiring A Lawyer To Start The Process Of Chapter 7 Bankruptcy & The Cost To Hire One

You don't have to struggle with the stress of owing creditors if you file for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. You must pass a means test before you can enjoy the relief of Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Below, you will learn about the process of Chapter 7 bankruptcy and the cost to hire a lawyer to help you file.

What is the Process for Chapter 7 Bankruptcy?

Although a lawyer is not required for you to file Chapter 7 bankruptcy, it is in your best interest to hire one.  He or she will help you determine if you will qualify or not by performing a means test. The purpose of a means test is to find out if your income is below the medium income for your state, which is required for you to qualify. However, you may still qualify making more than the medium income if a lot of your money goes towards bills and other living expenses.

After the lawyer determines that you qualify for Chapter 7 bankruptcy, he or she will file a petition at the local courthouse to get the process started. A judge will have to assign a trustee to your case to help your debts be forgiven or settled. The trustee will have meetings with your creditors and may also sell some of your assets to pay off some of the debts.

A lawyer will do more than assist you with filing for bankruptcy. He or she may also recommend a credit counselor that can help you get on track with making better financial decisions in the future. Learning good spending habits can help you get your credit score up and prevent another financial bind.

How Much Will a Lawyer Charge to Help File for Bankruptcy?

The cost to hire a bankruptcy lawyer can vary, depending on who you decide to hire for assistance. Lawyers who have been practicing law for a while and who have a good track record will be the most expensive. You can receive a quote based on an hourly rate when you discuss your case with different lawyers.

Debt collectors can make life stressful when they are calling at all hours of the day and night. Get your peace of mind back by filing for Chapter 7 bankruptcy. Hire a lawyer to administer a means test and help you get the process started so you can get out of your financial nightmare.

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